Why Mobile Self-Storage Units Are More Eco-Friendly

Did you know that your self-storage choices can have an impact on the environment? Energy usage, transportation time, and more can all vary greatly depending on what type of self-storage you choose. Here are three main reasons why mobile self-storage units can be not only the more convenient but also the more eco-friendly option for storing your stuff.

1. You can store your stuff without driving anywhere.

After you've had the unit delivered to your property, you can access it quickly and easily over and over again. Not only is this much more convenient than a traditional storage building, because you can access your belongings whenever you need to, but it allows you to put things in and take things out without driving to the storage facility. This saves not only your time but also transportation fuel every time you access your storage unit.

2. No heating and cooling required.

An unheated, uncooled storage unit does have limited uses, it's true. However, if you have so much stuff that your home is overflowing and you need a mobile storage unit, chances are you've got some stuff that can be stored this way. Lawn furniture, for example, and garden tools, as well as anything else that you would store in an unheated garage or attic, could fit the bill here. You can reserve the storage space inside your home for more sensitive items that actually require a climate-controlled environment. This allows you to avoid paying for heating and cooling for items that don't really need it, which not only saves you money but also reduces your environmental impact.

3. Allows you to store without packaging.

You can just carry items out to your mobile storage unit and leave them there, rather than packing them up carefully for transportation to a facility. And while you may still need some bins and so on when storing small items that require organization, you won't have to keep everything boxed, wrapped, and labeled. This, once again, saves not only time and money but also environmental resources. And if you use reusable containers with recycled content for organizing small items, you can reduce your impact even further.

These three points show how having a mobile self-storage unit delivered to your home can not only save you time, effort, and money that would otherwise be spent on packaging and transportation, but also allow you to reduce your ecological footprint. If you are interested in storing your items, contact a business such as Carolina Self Storage.