2 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not To Use An Auto Storage Facility

Are you a multi-car household and find yourself faced with an issue of storing your vehicles? It's common to use a friend or family member's garage. However, you never want to inconvenience them for too long. Storage facilities, however, exist to store your motor vehicles. If you feel that is a waste of money each month, below are two reasons you simply can't afford not to use an auto storage facility.

Homeowner's Association Rules

If you live in a homeowner's association (HOA) community, you'll know they do have strict rules. Though you may feel these rules are a bit too much, they are enforced for your family's safety and keep the community looking presentable.

If you have extra vehicles you must consider certain rules that could affect your vehicles. For instance, vehicles may need to have the appropriate permit's to park in the complex. This helps identify your vehicle from random vehicles. For any large vehicles, such as an RV or commercial truck, your vehicle may be too large to keep it parked in the driveway or other parking stalls.

The HOA could impose fines on you for breaking any of the above rules. Those fines could be more than you are willing to bargain with. For instance, you could receive a ticket, be towed, or have your rights on the property suspended indefinitely. Using an auto storage facility allows you to stay compliant with any HOA regulations. So if your vehicle falls into any of the above classification, you can avoid those fines. 

Renting a Residential Space Could Prove Damaging

There are individuals who rent out their garage or additional driveway space. However, doing such renting could be setting your vehicle up to be stolen or damaged. You'd have to file your own insurance claim, which could be denied if your insurance company was not aware of you storing it at that location. It's also not certain that your insurance carrier will pay, if they pay at all. If the residence doesn't have insurance to cover your property, you may be at a total loss.

Your vehicle may not only be safer at an auto storage facility, such as The Storehouse Watertown, but could also be covered under the facility's insurance. Be sure to ask them how the coverage works and talk to your provider as well.

From the above two scenarios, you can now see that paying monthly for auto storage may prove more beneficial than trying to cut corners. You'll avoid tickets, towing, and the potential for damages to your vehicle that you can't afford to pay out of pocket all at once.