Keeping Your Belongings Safe At A Storage Unit

If you're transitioning between a move or you have items that don't fit into your home or apartment, a storage unit is a life saver. Storage units come in a variety of options that allow you to conveniently store items in an indoor, temperature-controlled environment or a secure outdoor location. One of the top priorities of any storage facility is keeping their client's items safe and accessible at all times. Unfortunately, storage units are often targeted by thieves and vandals. Here are a few ways that you can keep your belongings safe at a storage unit.

Update Your Insurance Policy

Making sure that the items you are storing are insured can help ease suffering should anything become stolen or damaged. Most storage units have their own insurance policy that covers widespread damage throughout the units. Therefore, some form of reimbursement will likely be offered in the event of fire or a natural disaster. Antiques and valuable items should be individually insured before you place them in storage. This can be done through your homeowner's insurance policy or a specialty insurance policy placed to cover the replacement value on specific items. Make sure your insurance policy is up to date and also reflects the location of the property you wish to insure.

Avoid Storing Valuables Or Irreplaceable Items

If possible, avoid storing priceless antiques or valuables in your storage unit. If you must store expensive items, try to camouflage them inside of the storage space. Most thieves want to do their job quickly and unnoticed. If thieves get in, they will likely do a fast glance into the unit to scan for anything of resale value. If you can, try to place more expensive items in the very back of the unit, behind other objects, so they are hidden from view. This minimizes your chances of having something stolen. 

Check On Your Unit Regularly

Even though the storage facility appears to be safe and secure, it's important to check on your unit on a routine basis. This way you can make sure that the interior space is dry and moisture free. You should also check on your locks and make sure that they have not been tampered with. Check to make sure the locks have not been changed or reassigned. If you've been late making a payment to your storage unit, new locks may be assigned and you'll have to pay the bill in full in order to regain access to your items.

Ask About Facility Security

If you are concerned about safety in and around the storage facility, most businesses will be more than happy to explain their security measures. Many facilities offer a multi-faceted entry system, including inputting codes to gain access past gated security. Most facilities have a security system in place that uses closed-circuit television cameras. This offers views from many locations to help identify who is accessing and using the units.

Meeting with a storage business prior to signing a rental agreement or contract is important. Choose a facility in which you feel is safe and also fair with their rental prices.