Don’t Make Moving ‘Ruff’! Tips For Pet Safety During A Move

If you are planning a move, one aspect you should especially plan out carefully is pet safety. Packing and moving things in and out of the home can make pets become anxious, and they won't understand the changes around them. If you can make moving day less stressful and as safe as possible for your pet, it will help with the transition.

1. Pack Your Pet's Things With Them

Pets will feel more secure if they have their favorite bedding or toy with them. It is important that you transport your pets with you and that they move the same day as you so they aren't left alone in either home. Keep food and supplies packed with your pet so there is no chance of this going missing when your pet needs them in a new location.

2. Keep Pets Out of the Way During Move Day

If you have anxious or aggressive pets, keeping them away from movers is a good idea. Keep pets in a secured room that movers won't access so that they won't have a chance to escape or challenge movers. If you think that your pets might not be able to handle the stress of the move day, place them in a boarding facility until you are ready to move them right into their new home.

3. Have Pets Secured During the Move

Whether you are moving to a new town or a new state, during the actual process of moving you must keep your pets as safe as possible. Be sure that cats and smaller dogs each have a carrier, and try to keep them confined to they don't have a chance to escape. Make sure all pets have collars or are microchipped just in case your pet gets free.

4. Source a Vet in Your New Town

In case anything goes wrong during the move or your pets end up in an emergency situation, have a vet lined up in your new town that you can call on. It is a good idea to have check up appointments scheduled so that you are in the vet's books. If there is the need for appointments right away, this will help you get your foot in the door and not be a stranger.

Moving with pets can take a little planning up front, but it is worth it to make this transition as easy as possible for your pets. Make sure that moving services know on both ends that there are pets involved and are aware of any considerations needed for this. Settle your pets in at their new home with you, and they will warm up quickly to their new environment. Click here for more info.