Painting And Artwork Storage Tips

Whether you are storing your precious family portraits, a few favorite prints, or expensive original works of art, making sure that they survive without damage is a key concern. Fortunately, your art is generally safe in a secure self storage facility if you pack it correctly and pick the right unit. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Opt for an Interior Unit With Climate Control

Humidity along with exposure to extreme heat and cold can ruin your framed art. You can easily avoid this issue by opting for a temperature- and humidity-controlled unit. To further cut down on moisture issues, choose an interior storage unit when possible. You access this unit inside a locked and secure building, so there are no exterior doors where water could seep in during a major storm. Give the unit a thorough inspection before moving in, though, to make sure there are no water stains that could indicate a roof leak.

Tip #2: Wrap Up Your Art

Wrapping protects paintings from dust and dirt. You need a breathable wrapping that allows air circulation, so skip the plastic. Instead, consider using white sheets or fabric. White is a good choice because dye won't bleed from the fabric to the paintings. Another option is to use acid-free tissue or packing paper. Just make sure it is acid-free, or it can stain the paintings. Wrap each painting completely, folding down and taping the excess to create a dust-proof package.

Tip #3: Stand Everything Up On Edge

The best way to store framed art is standing vertically on edge. Sliding it onto a shelf is preferred, since this will protect the paintings. The reason you stand vertically is because stacking can put stress on canvas, or you could end up with a creased print. This issue is all but eliminated when you stand the art on edge. Just make sure there is enough room so that nothing is squeezed into place. Also, make sure that smaller pieces aren't leaning on and placing stress on larger pieces.

Tip #4: Pest Protection Tactics

Sometimes paintings and art can attract pests. It may be the canvas or paper itself, or something used in the paint that appeals to the bugs. Wrapping the pieces does help minimize these issues. You may also want to regularly treat the interior of the unit for pests to further minimize issues. Most storage units also have a regular schedule of exterior pest spraying. Just make sure that no pesticides come in direct contact with the art, since these treatments can damage a painting or print.

Contact local storage companies, such as Arctic Self Storage, to find the right place to store your valuable pieces of art.